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Frequently asked questions

Do you have something to stop my dog scratching? He doesn´t have fleas.

Feeding a low-quality diet based on cereals and animal derivatives will eventually cause an intolerance.  This is shown by toxins being emitted though the skin causing discomfort.  Feeding a healthy hypoallergenic dog food will alleviate these problems. You should see an improvement within about 4 weeks.

My dog moults continuously and there is hair everywhere in the house. What can I do?

As toxins leave the body, the hair is also expelled. Whilst a small amount of hair will shed here and there, your dog should moult twice a year.  Feeding a natural, well balanced diet stops all year-round moulting.

My dog´s breath smells terrible. Do you have any minty treats to eliminate this?

A poor diet will also cause bad breath which comes from the gut. Minty treats will only act as a temporary solution. Our hypoallergenic food encourages a good bacteria which will eliminate any bad odours from the mouth.

I have been cleaning my dog´s ears with a cleaner but they are still waxy and she Is scratching them. What can I do?

This is usually caused by a build-up of toxins in a poor-quality food. Feeding our food will result in less wax and a more comfortable pet.

No matter how many times I shampoo, my dog always smells “doggy”. Do you have a strong shampoo to get rid of the smell?

Toxins expelled through the skin also cause an unpleasant smell. Our food will soon have your dog smelling of roses.